Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rang De Basanti

Last week we went for the Hit movie of the year - Rang De Basanti. Was enjoyable in the beginning for its fun scenes. Most of the reviews about the movie say that it talks about the awakening of the youth. I did not feel any awakening around me. But yesterday, I saw on TV a real life enactment of one of the scenes in the movie. A protest March with candles by people infuriated by the aquittal of Jessica Lal murderers. Incedentally there was a scene in the movie where people march to the same place(India Gate) with candles to protest against the protagonist's death in a fighter jet crash.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lights, lights & lights!!!

It was my first diwali after wedding. Actually, it was the first diwali I ever celebrated in my life. Diwali in Kerala is very different from what you can see in other parts of India. In other words, it is almost non-existant in Kerala.

The Diwali in Bangalore was surprizingly delightful with lots of decorative lightings and not to mention the array of crackers, right from sparklers to rockets. I was amazed at the amount of money people spend on fire works.

We had lot of fun bursting crackers. And I am glad that we didn't buy any noise making bombs, which I feel is the only bad aspect of Diwali.

Oh! sweet bread

My world of cooking .... I am trying out different things here and last week I baked bread. I experiment recipes from ndtvcooks & recipedelights. I had good fun making the bread seen in the picture. Shiju helped me to shape the breads. Actually we were competing each other to get the best shapes. The glossy layer on top of the bread was achieved by brushing egg white before baking.

Lalbagh flower show

The botanical garden(aka Lalbagh) in Bangalore hosts flower show twice every year (Jan 26 & Aug 15).
You can see a wide variety of spring & autumn flowers. Its a pleasure going there in spite of the overwhelming crowd. This year we went there in the early hours to avoid the crowd and we got to see the show without getting pushed and pulled in the rush. What you see in the background is a flower arrangement made entirely of roses.

A walk in the green

Shiju & me in Murani. Murani is a small village in Kerala. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons. A trek through the shaded path is really awesome.